Inventory of intangible culture of craftsmanship in the core of Historic Cairo

  • Financial assistance:
    • US$ 86,950 granted in 2020
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 18/08/2021 - 15/09/2023
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Benefitting country(ies): Egypt


Being implemented by the Egyptian Society for Folk Traditions (ESFT), this eighteen-month project is aimed at preparing a community-based inventory of twenty types of crafts produced in the historic areas of Cairo, known as Historic Cairo, a World Heritage property under the 1972 Convention. Previous initiatives provide a useful starting point, particularly for noting the traditional crafts that have already vanished, along with the decline of knowledge, skills and values of the other crafts still present. However, this project adopts a different, holistic methodology in line with the 2003 Convention. It is expected to have a notable impact on living heritage in the area through several expected results. Knowledge related to these twenty living traditional crafts will be identified, inventoried, safeguarded and transmitted with the widest possible participation of the practitioners concerned. Twenty practitioners concerned with traditional craftsmanship in two districts of Historic Cairo are being trained to produce an inventory of intangible practices and knowledge of traditional crafts through five training sessions. Approximately sixty practitioners are being interviewed and informed about the 2003 Convention and its principles, as well as about inventorying and its crucial role in safeguarding living heritage. An online inventory of traditional knowledge related to these crafts shall be maintained and made accessible to the communities, and inventorying shall be promoted as an important tool in the long-term safeguarding process. The deliverables of the project shall be disseminated through a website, a public inauguration event, a handicrafts exhibition and a final report. Lastly, synergies shall be established between key leaders in the cultural field and the community to identify potential areas for future actions.

News and activities:

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