This repository is an open educational resource. Most materials are available under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO (CC-BY-SA 3.0 IGO) licence. Units 23, 25, 26, 28 and 29 are available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO).

Welcome to the capacity-building materials repository. On this page, you can download the training materials that support the global capacity-building programme.

UNESCO has organized the materials in a unit system. One unit corresponds to one specific topic. Most units include separate materials for facilitators or trainers (Facilitator’s notes, PowerPoints) and materials for participants (Participant’s texts, Hand-outs, Case studies).

UNESCO suggests that users should always edit and adapt the materials to the local context, which is why all materials are presented as editable Word or PowerPoint documents.

Groups of units cover broad content themes:

  • Units 1-15 look at implementing the Convention at national level;
  • Units 16-17 focus on ratifying the Convention;
  • Units 18-37 address community-based inventorying;
  • Units 39-44 cover preparing nominations;
  • Units 45-47 are on developing safeguarding plans;
  • Units 48-49 look at gender;
  • Units 50-54 cover preparing international assistance requests;
  • Unit 55 shares assorted resources on policy development; and
  • Units 56-62 are on periodic reporting.

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Unit 1: Workshop on implementing the Convention at national level: introduction

Unit 2: Introducing the Convention

Unit 3: Key concepts in the Convention

Unit 4: Who can do what in implementing the Convention?

Unit 5: Raising awareness

Unit 6: Identification and inventorying

Unit 7: Involving the communities concerned

Unit 8: ICH and sustainable development

Unit 9: Safeguarding

Unit 10: ICH policies and institutions

Unit 11: Nominations: overview

Unit 12: International cooperation and assistance

Unit 13: The Intangible Heritage Convention and the World Heritage Convention

Unit 14: Workshop on implementing the Convention at national level: concluding session

Unit 15: Evaluation

Unit 16: Workshop on ratifying the Convention: introduction

Unit 17: Ratifying the Convention

Unit 18: Workshop on community-based inventorying: introduction

Unit 19: Developing an inventory framework where no system exists

Unit 20: Developing an inventory framework where a system is in place

Unit 21: Ethics in community-based inventorying

Unit 22: Free, prior and informed consent

Unit 23: Methods & techniques of inventorying

Unit 24: Audio recording in inventorying

Unit 25: Interviewing in inventorying

Unit 26: Photography in inventorying

Unit 27: Participatory video in inventorying

Unit 28: Participatory mapping in inventorying

Unit 29: Ground preparations in inventorying

Unit 30: Fieldwork practicum plan in inventorying

Unit 31: Fieldwork practicum in inventorying

Unit 32: Fieldwork debriefing in inventorying

Unit 33: Organizing and storing information

Unit 34: Workshop on community-based inventorying: concluding session

Unit 35: Access & dissemination

Unit 36: Documentation & inventorying

Unit 38: Ethics for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage

Unit 39: Workshop on preparing nominations: introduction

Unit 40: Introducing the nomination forms

Unit 41: Assessing initial sample nominations

Unit 42: Evaluating final sample nominations

Unit 43: Describing an element

Unit 44: Workshop on preparing nominations: concluding session

Unit 45: Workshop on developing safeguarding plans: introduction

Unit 46: Scenarios and games for developing safeguarding plans

Unit 47: Workshop on developing safeguarding plans: concluding session

Unit 48: Gender and intangible cultural heritage

Unit 49: A gender-responsive approach to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage

Unit 50: Workshop on preparing international assistance requests: introduction

Unit 51: Evaluating a sample request and identifying areas for improvement

Unit 54 Workshop on preparing international assistance request: concluding session

Unit 55: Workshop on policy development for intangible cultural heritage safeguarding

Unit 56: Workshop on periodic reporting: introduction

Unit 57: Introducing periodic reporting

Unit 58: Results-based monitoring and the overall results framework

Unit 59: Periodic reporting: practical session on data sources

Unit 60: Periodic reporting: participatory methodologies

  • Facilitator’s notes
    U060-v1.0-FN-EN: English|Spanish
  • PowerPoint presentation
    U060-v1.0-PPT-EN: English|Spanish
  • Hand-out 1
    U060-v1.0-HO1-EN: English|Spanish
  • Case study 60: Cross-sectoral Cooperation and NGO Involvement in Brazil
    CS60-v1.0: English
  • Case study 61: Reporting under UNESCO’s 2005 Convention on Protecting and Promoting the Diversity of Cultural Expression
    CS61-v1.0: English
  • Case study 62: Culture for Development Indicator Suite
    CS62-v1.0: English

Unit 61: Periodic reporting: filling out the online form

Unit 62: Workshop on periodic reporting: concluding session