Decision of the Bureau: 13.COM 2.BUR 3

The Bureau,

  1. Having examined document ITH/18/13.COM 2.BUR/3 and its annex and document ITH/18/13.COM 2.BUR/INF.3,
  2. Recalling Resolution 7.GA 8 and Decision 12.COM 7,
  3. Approves the proposal for the utilization of the funds for ‘Other functions of the Committee’ as annexed to this decision;
  4. Requests that the Secretariat report on the progress of implementation and the way in which the funds are spent;
  5. Invites the Chairperson of the Committee to bring this decision to the attention of the Committee at its thirteenth session.


Proposal for the utilization of the funds for ‘Other functions of the Committee’ for the period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2019

Funds shall be used in conformity with the Financial Regulations of the Special Account for the Fund for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Financial Regulations of UNESCO to cover all costs in line with the full budgeting principles to achieve the project’s objectives. These costs include: training, seminars and meetings; the preparation of technical reports; monitoring and evaluation; subcontracts; staff; travel; equipment; and any other item necessary for implementing the project’s activities.


Total budgetary allocation:


39C/5 Performance Indicator 1

Sound governance exercised through the adoption and implementation of strategic resolutions/decisions of the governing bodies of the 2003 Convention 

Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund Expected Result 1

Sound governance of the 2003 Convention facilitated by enhanced monitoring and knowledge management services


Budgetary allocation: US$338,512



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2018-2019


Processes and response time optimized thanks to monitoring interfaces and online workflows

·         Three new monitoring interfaces and online workflows


Clearing-house function of the knowledge management system enhanced

·         Three new datasets made available online


Interaction with key stakeholders strengthened for improved synergies

·         Three ‘interconnections’ established


Overall results framework for the Convention complemented

·         Twenty-six guidance notes developed to assist in the collection of relevant information for each indicator of the results framework


Basic Texts of the Convention revised and published

·         One publication of the 2018 version of the Basic Texts


39C/5 Performance Indicator 2

Number of supported Member States utilizing strengthened human and institutional resources for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage

Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund Expected Result 2

Implementation of the Convention in Member States encouraged through a strengthened capacity-building programme and guidance on safeguarding measures and good practices


Budgetary allocations: US$619,150



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2018-2019


Facilitators’ network strengthened

·         One redesigned webpage with search function online

·         Coordination group for network established and active

·         100 facilitators’ profiles updated

·         One feasibility study undertaken to explore partnerships for sustaining the network and programme in the long term

·         100 facilitators trained on the latest programme developments, including 30 new members (pending financing from host countries)

·         Feedback from three users integrated into the workshop planning and reporting tool


Content and format of the capacity-building programme further developed to respond to major implementation challenges and decisions of statutory organs

·         Training approach with required materials on periodic reporting developed in two languages

·         Training unit developed to integrate disaster risk management into capacity-building materials in two languages

·         Two thematic policy information briefs developed (gender and education)

·         Online tool developed to present examples on safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and sustainable development

·         Training materials developed in the previous biennium in five thematic areas made available in two languages

·         Feedback from three users integrated into the materials browser


Monitoring of the capacity-building programme ensured and information shared with relevant partners

·         Analytical report prepared based on information gathered through new online workshop planning and reporting tool, contributing to the implementation of the Convention’s overall results framework

·         Knowledge consolidated and shared through one side event at a statutory meeting

·         Pamphlet on the capacity-building programme updated and shared in two languages


Lighter ways of sharing safeguarding practices developed

·         Three alternative lighter ways of sharing safeguarding experiences suggested to the Committee to complement the Register of Good Safeguarding Practices


Networking and partnerships with tertiary educational institutions strengthened

·         15 additional universities engaged in networking

·         Partnership for an online course on intangible cultural heritage established


39C/5 Performance Indicator 3

Number of supported Member States which have integrated intangible cultural heritage into their plans, policies and programmes, in particular as a contribution towards the achievement of SDGs and in a gender-responsive manner 

Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund Expected Result 3

Integration of intangible cultural heritage into development plans, policies and programmes supported


Budgetary allocation: US$286,600



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2018-2019


Global clearing house for knowledge sharing, cooperation and innovation on intangible cultural heritage and education established and functioning

·         Webpage and resources for the clearing house developed

·         Two recommendations from the consultation held in 2017 with relevant educational institutions on integrating intangible cultural heritage into their programmes implemented

·         Knowledge consolidated and shared through one side event and participation in one relevant meeting

·         Programme information pamphlet produced in two languages

·         Global working meeting organized with staff and experts involved in the implementation of operational activities


Synergies between the 2003 Convention and work of the UN system in the framework of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development strengthened

·         Participation in two meetings organized by UN and other development agencies


Framework established for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in emergencies

·         Two reference documents developed on methodological approaches

·         Cooperation with two institutions strengthened

·         One expert meeting organized with a view to defining a strategy


39C/5 Performance Indicator 5

Number of initiatives undertaken by supported Member States that have an enhanced knowledge and understanding of intangible cultural heritage safeguarding and the 2003 Convention

Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund Expected Result 4

Objectives of the Convention promoted through awareness-raising and outreach


Budgetary allocation: US$473,922



Indicators (Benchmarks) 2018-2019


Communication and outreach tools developed and implemented to promote the objectives of the Convention

·         Five outreach materials/tools produced and widely disseminated


Additional advisory functions of accredited NGOs identified through an effective consultation process

·         One consultation meeting organized to reflect on the role of accredited NGOs under the 2003 Convention with the informal ad hoc working group and in cooperation with the ICH NGO-Forum