Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 12.COM 8.C.7

The Committee,

  1. Having examined document ITH/17/12.COM/8.c,
  2. Recalling Chapter V of the Operational Directives and its Decision 5.COM 5.3,
  3. Expresses its thanks to China for submitting its report on the status of the element ‘Wooden movable-type printing of China’, inscribed in 2010 on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding;
  4. Takes note of the continued efforts undertaken by China to safeguard the element, in particular through the establishment of an archive for audiovisual material on the element and the adoption of institutional support and funds for the bearers and practitioners of the technique;
  5. Invites the State Party to further recognize the essential role of the bearers in the transmission of this element, and to facilitate the transmission of their knowledge to apprentices, also by incorporating teaching bases for the element into school programmes and including the element in school textbooks;
  6. Encourages the State Party to seek new patterns to diversify the fundraising channels in order to implement additional safeguarding measures and to explore new methods for the promotion of the element so as to ensure greater efficiency in the use of the funds as well as the sustainability of the safeguarding efforts;
  7. Requests that the Secretariat inform the State Party at least nine months prior to the deadline of 15 December 2018 about the required submission of its next report on the status of this element.