Decision of the Intergovernmental Committee: 6.COM 9

The Committee,

  1. Recalling Article 18 of the Convention and Chapter I.3 of the Operational Directives concerning the criteria and procedures for selection of programmes, projects and activities that best reflect the principles and objectives of the Convention,
  2. Further recalling its Decision 5.COM 9,
  3. Having examined Document ITH/11/6.COM/CONF.206/9 and addendum and Document ITH/11/6.COM/CONF.206/7, as well as the proposals submitted by the respective States Parties,
  4. Taking note of Document ITH/11/6.COM/CONF.206/INF.7,
  5. Thanks the Consultative Body for its examination and recommendations;
  6. Commends the six States Parties that submitted proposals of programmes, projects and activities for the safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage for possible selection for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices;
  7. Invites States Parties, when proposing programmes, projects and activities, to take into due consideration the suggestions of the Consultative Body, inter alia:
    1. To propose programmes, projects or activities with demonstrated effectiveness in safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and with a real potential to serve as models of safeguarding in other situations, particularly in developing countries;
    2. To give careful attention to the quality of the proposal and to provide accurate information specific to the programmes, projects or activities concerned, along with concrete evidence of their effectiveness;
    3. To give due attention to the transmission of knowledge and skills within a given community, and to its fullest possible participation in the implementation of safeguarding measures and in the elaboration of the proposal to the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices;
  8. Encourages States Parties to create favourable conditions for the implementation of the programmes, projects and activities selected as best reflecting the principles and objectives of the Convention, and further encourages international cooperation and exchange of experience between States that submitted proposals and those that might wish to adopt their methodologies and approaches;
  9. Requests the Secretariat to assist it in fulfilling its obligations set out in Chapter I.13 of the Operational Directives, particularly in encouraging research on and evaluation of the effectiveness of safeguarding measures included in the programmes, projects and activities that it has selected and in promoting international cooperation in such research and evaluation.