Resolution of the General Assembly: 8.GA 10

The General Assembly,

  1. Having examined document LHE/20/8.GA/10 and its Annex,
  2. Acknowledges the positive experience that the ‘provisional upstream dialogue’ process of the 2019 cycle brought to the evaluation and inscription process and endorses the proposal to include an additional intermediary dialogue process in the nomination cycle;
  3. Approves the amendments to the Operational Directives as annexed to this Resolution.



Phase 2:



December Year 1
to May Year 2

Individual evaluation of the files by the Evaluation Body members.


Year 2

Meeting at which the Evaluation Body collectively finalizes its evaluation of the files and decides which files will be included in the dialogue process. Only the evaluation of those files included in the dialogue process will still be pending until the final meeting of the Evaluation Body.

The dialogue process is initiated when the Evaluation Body considers that a short question and answer process with the submitting State(s), conducted in writing through the Secretariat, could influence the result of its evaluation.


Two weeks after the June meeting
Year 2

Deadline by which the Evaluation Body shall transmit, through the Secretariat, its questions to the States Parties concerned by the dialogue process, in one of the two working languages of the Convention.



States Parties shall respond to the requests of the Evaluation Body, through the Secretariat, within four weeks following the receipt of the letter, in the two working languages of the Convention.


Latest by September Year 2

Meeting at which the Evaluation Body finalizes its evaluation of the files concerned by the dialogue process and its report on the evaluation of all files.


Four weeks prior to the session of the Committee

The Secretariat transmits the evaluation reports to the members of the Committee and makes them available online for consultation.