2021 - Evaluation of UNESCO’s Action in the framework of the 2003 Convention

This second evaluation focussing on the 2003 Convention marks the first follow-up exercise to the cycle of Internal Oversight Service evaluations of UNESCO’s six culture conventions. The main purpose of this 2021 evaluation was to generate findings, lessons learned, and recommendations regarding the relevance and effectiveness of UNESCO’s action in the framework of the 2003 Convention.

The full evaluation report is available in English and French.

2020 - Consultation of the Governing Bodies of the 2003 Convention

In accordance with Resolution 39 C/87 of UNESCO’s General Conference, and in particular Recommendation 74 of the Working Group on UNESCO’s Governance, all UNESCO’s international and intergovernmental bodies are expected to submit formal inputs to the Draft Medium-Term Strategy for 2022-2029 (41 C/4) and the Draft Programme and Budget for 2022-2025 (41 C/5).
In view of this consultation process, the States Parties of the 2003 Convention are invited to participate in the following online survey to share their strategic views and programmatic orientations for the implementation of the 2003 Convention during the 2022–2029 period.

  • Each State Party is requested to submit one reply only. The survey should therefore be completed by the national authority in each country in charge of intangible cultural heritage.
  • The Word/PDF version of the survey in English|French is available for national consultation purposes only.
  • The deadline for this survey was 29 May 2020 and the online survey is now closed.

2016 - Open-ended working group of the General Conference on governance

At its 38th session, the General Conference established an open-ended working group on governance, procedures and methods of work of the governing bodies of UNESCO (38 C/Resolution 101). At the same session, the General Conference also invited all intergovernmental programs, committees and organs of the Conventions to inscribe, in 2016 if feasible, an item on their agenda concerning the follow-up to the recommendations of the External Auditor’s report contained in document 38 C/23, to improve their governance by concrete measures, and to report on their proposals to the Chairperson of the open-ended working group:

2013 - Evaluation of UNESCO’s Action in the framework of the 2003 Convention

The Internal Oversight Service of UNESCO carried out an evaluation of the normative action of UNESCO’s Culture Sector during 2013. It focused in particular on evaluating the effectiveness of the Culture Sector’s normative action, putting the accent on its impact on legislation, policies and strategies of the Parties to UNESCO’s cultural conventions, and on the implementation of those conventions at the national level:

  • Report of the evaluation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
    IOS/EVS/PI/129 REV. (October 2013): English|French|Spanish|Arabic

An audit of the working methods of the six culture conventions was also conducted in parallel:

  • Report on the audit of the working methods of the six cultural conventions
    IOS/AUD/2013/06 (September 2013): English|French