16 June 1993 - 17 June 1993


International Consultation on New Perspectives for UNESCO’s Programme : The Intangible Cultural Heritage

16 June 1993 - 17 June 1993
Expert meeting

The purpose of this consultation was to advise the Organization on future directions and the orientation of the medium-term strategy (1996-2001) and on its programme for safeguarding and enhancing intangible cultural heritage. Eighty-one participants, including experts, representatives of research institutions and private foundations, as well as observers from some thirty countries, attended the meeting.

The following new objectives were submitted to UNESCO regarding its action in the field of intangible cultural heritage:

  • UNESCO’s role should be that of a catalyst, coordinator and creator of awareness of the need to safeguard intangible cultural heritage;
  • UNESCO’s action and priority: the Organization proposed that:
    -Short-term priority be given to the performing arts, oral traditions, languages and traditional skills; and
    - Long-term priority be given to the revitalization of intangible cultural heritage for transmission to future generations;
  • Principle of intervention: emphasis was placed on the need to create regional and inter-regional networks of specialized institutions to coordinate actions, promote international collaboration and the exchange of information and experience;
  • Modes of action recommended for UNESCO to ensure the revitalization and transmission of this heritage include the organization of training sessions for safeguarding and promoting intangible heritage, the publication of oral traditions in local and contact languages and the official recognition of leading specialists, including practitioners, of intangible cultural heritage.

Final report (English)