14 May 2007 - 15 May 2007


International seminar on Principles and Experiences of Drawing Up ICH Inventories in Europe

14 May 2007 - 15 May 2007
Expert meeting

In view of the complicated nature of the process of inventory making, the somewhat contradictory practices carried out so far and the profound impact that this process eventually implies on local, national, and international level, and bearing in mind that the best practices of international cooperation involve meetings of deliberation by equal parties, we convened the current regional seminar to analyse, exchange experience and debate on the issues of inventory making. This meeting brought together experts representing different regions of Europe, largely combining the expertise and practices of Eastern and Western Europe. The rather limited regional scope is simultaneously covering relatively similar, yet also distinctly diverse historical experience that would hopefully provide a good basis for fruitful discussion.

  • Background paper, agenda and provisional list of participants (English)
  • Presentations
    • Introductory presentation by Kristin Kuutma: Making Inventories: A Constraint or an Asset? (English)
    • Irina Balotescu: Inventory Making in Romania (English)
    • Dace Bula, Signe Pujate : ICH inventory in Latvia: experience reconsidered (English)
    • Christian Hottin : Inventories of Intangible Cultural Heritage in France (English)
    • Valdimar Tr. Hafstein : Recognizing Intangible Cultural Heritage in Iceland (English)
    • Agnes Kovacs Biro: Inventory Making in Hungary (English)
    • Vida Šatkauskiene: Lithuanian National ICH Inventory (English)
    • Magnure Velure : Outline for a solution in Norway (English)
    • Ulrike Kammerhofer-Aggermann, presented by Maria Walcher: Inventory Making in Austria (English)
    • Alla Stashkevich: Belarus (Russian)
  • Summary report, by Magne Velure (English)

Organized by the Estonian National Commission for UNESCO - Contact: Margit Siim