International Assistance Requests - 17.COM 1.BUR, March 2022

The request and background documents (initial requests and additional information letters) are presented in the table below.

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EN: Between the Amazon and the Andes: safeguarding and transmission of the Traditional knowledge and techniques associated with Pasto Varnish mopa-mopa of the Putumayo and Nariño departments of Colombia

FR: Entre l’Amazonie et les Andes : sauvegarde et transmission des connaissances et techniques traditionnelles associées au vernis de Pasto mopa-mopa des départements colombiens de Putumayo et Nariño

Amount (US$):  98,925

Assistance Request (BUR)

Core documents
Request form ICH-04:English|French

28 Jan 2022
Budget and timetable:English|French

28 Jan 2022
Background documents
Decision - Decision 17.COM 1.BUR 3:English|French

28 Apr 2022
Additional information request:English

23 Nov 2021
Budget and timetable:English

18 Aug 2021
Request form ICH-04:English

18 Aug 2021