Palestine - A farmer from Palestine checks the palm tree fruit to make sure it is disease-free (this is one of the key skills the farmer must master to properly care for the palm tree)
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7 September 2020

Under strict sanitary measures, the UNESCO National Office for Palestine, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture (MoC), invited governmental agencies, civil society representatives and community practitioners to attend the fourth round of capacity-building workshops in August 2020. Respecting a limited number of participants, 20 attendees participated in workshops focusing on the preparation of nomination files for the Lists of the 2003 Convention and requests for International Assistance from the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund.
Wissan Salah, Director of the Bedouins Without Borders centre, stated that “as the only institution representing Bedouin heritage, these training sessions are instrumental for our intangible cultural heritage inventories. We are going to revise our methods of inventorying based on these approaches”.
The workshops form part of a broader project to support Palestine’s efforts in safeguarding living heritage and to strengthen policies and institutional capacities in this field.

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