'This culture that leads you to know how to be’
10 February 2016

Film-maker Mauricio Oliveira and anthropologist Fernanda Gallo provide viewers with a first-hand account of the connection communities in Cabo Verde and Mozambique have to their living heritage, and of their efforts to safeguard it, in the documentary ‘This culture that leads you to know how to be’.
Featuring interviews from practioners and bearers on the function of intangible cultural heritage in their daily lives and as a significant part of their identity, the documentary also follows the participation of communities involved in capacity-building activities organized by UNESCO: a workshop on inventorying practices in Ribeira Grande de Santiago (Cabo Verde) and a pilot project on inventorying practices in Chinhambudzi (Mozambique) made possible thanks to the generous support of the Government of Norway.
Perspectives on the role of cultural heritage and safeguarding are included from representatives of the Cultural Heritage Institute of Cabo Verde (IPC), the Mozambican Institute for Socio-Cultural Research (ARPAC), the National Cultural Heritage Institute of Angola (INPC) and the Secretariat of Education, Culture, Science, Youth and Sports for Guinea-Bissau. These perspectives also highlight the impact of the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
What emerges is the understanding amongst young people in the communities of the importance of safeguarding heritage, as well as expanding awareness for the need for greater exchange amongst generations so practices can be passed on, strengthening social cohesion.
The documentary is now available for free online in English, French and Portuguese.