Oxherding and Oxcart Traditions in Costa Rica

  • Project budget:
    • US$ 80,000
  • Source:
    • UNESCO - Regular budget
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 01/10/2006 - 01/03/2008

Benefitting country(ies): Costa Rica


The safeguarding project’s objective is to contribute to revitalizing and safeguarding the oxherding and oxcart tradition in Costa Rica through education and awareness-raising activities, empowerment of oxherders’ and artisans’ organizations and inventory and research activities. A national network for safeguarding and revitalizing the tradition will be established, and training workshops organized on cultural management and resource management for members of oxherders’ and artisans’ organizations. An inventory in digital format containing the different expressions of the oxcart tradition and a practical manual containing the technical and artistic processes involved in making and decorating oxcarts will be produced. One aim of the project is to enhance the capacities of oxherders’ and artisans’ organizations to propose and manage current and future safeguarding activities in cooperation with government, civil society and the private sector. Additionally, the Plan proposes to sensitize the public to the importance of this tradition.

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