Safeguarding traditional games of the Afar and the Somali people in the Horn of Africa

  • Project budget:
    • US$ 53,000
  • Source:
    • Japan Funds-in-Trust
  • Dates of implementation:
    • 01/12/2006 - 01/03/2009

Benefitting country(ies): Djibouti


Traditional board games have long been an important pastime among the nomadic societies of the Horn of Africa. Practice and transmission of these games is now at risk, though, as a result of urbanization and the effects of globalization.

This safeguarding project aims at revitalizing the transmission of the knowledge and skills related to traditional board and ball games in the Horn of Africa. The rules of the games as well as their origins and functions will be researched, and kits and manuals on these games will be published and distributed. The project will organize workshops and tournaments in order to increase transmission by practitioners and continued practice of traditional games by young people. Public information and awareness-raising will also be done through the media.

01/04/2007 - 01/03/2009 – Action Plan for the Safeguarding of El Güegüense01/11/2006 - 01/03/2009 – Safeguarding the Mbende Jerusarema Dance