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Name, address and sourceAccreditation
logoباغ پارسی میراث زنده
Persian Garden Institute for Living Heritage - PGILH [en]
No. 6, 3rd floor, Salamas Sq., Golha Sq., Jalal Al-e Ahmed Exp. Way
1431753133 Tehran
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tel.: +98 21 88 35 13 40
Next report due 2025
Accredited in 2020 (Request: English/Persian) - No. 90433
Decision-making meeting: 8.GA - 2020
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مؤسسه فرهنگی هنری مانا نقش شهاب
Mana Naqsh Shahab Art & Culture Institute [en]
Onsori Alley, Ordibehesht St
8133843971 Isfahan

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tel.: +98 31 3235 75 85
Next report due 2029
Accredited in 2024 (Request: soon available) - No. 90551
Decision-making meeting: 10.GA - 2024
مﺎﺧ ﺖﺸﺧ نﺎﻈﻓﺎﺣو ناراﺪﺘﺳود ﻦﻤﺠﻧا
Doostdaran and Hafezane Kheshte Kham Association - DHKKA [en]
No. 314, Hamraz 3 Complex,
Street Shahedan Jafarzada,
Taravat Boulevard, Mehravaran
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Tel.: 00989331898689
Next report due 2027
Accredited in 2022 (Request: English/Persian) - No. 90516
Decision-making meeting: 9.GA - 2022