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Ratification of the Convention on

19 June 2008

Listing of ICH

Arabic calligraphy: knowledge, skills and practices
Arabic calligraphy: knowledge, skills and practices (2021, RL)
On-going nomination(s)
  • 2025: Al-Jertiq: practices, rituals and expressions for preservation, protection, abundance and fertility in Sudan (RL)

  • 2025: Arabic calligraphy, knowledge, skills and practices (RL)

  • 2024: Henna: rituals, aesthetic and social practices (RL)

Files pending priority ‘0’ treatment
  • 2025: Oud instrument: practices, skills and performing arts (RL)

  • 2025: Art et traditions de bâtir en terre (RL)

  • 2025: Al Saafiyat and plant fibers: craft and social traditions (RL)


Droit et Patrimoine en Afrique 4: du Rwanda au Zimbabwe


Charte culturelle de l'Afrique

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