Mr Jean Hajjar

I am a Lebanese Social and cultural Trainer and Consultant. I have 33 years of experience in several fields related to Development, Education, Culture, and Emergency relief programs. Currently, I am a freelancer and President of Cross Arts Cultural Association. I worked as Advisor, consultant, and Trainer on intangible Heritage, youth, Governance, advocacy, emergency relief and disability programs, University teaching. I worked in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Soudan, Syria, Iraq, UAE, Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, France, and Romania. Long experience in Mediation, Religious - Interfaith and Cultural Dialogues, popular education, Culture, Collective Memory, Storytelling and Youth Participation.

Holder of Honourable Master’s Degree in Communication Arts from Jinan University, BS Social Animation from St. JOSEPH University in Beirut, Diploma as Specialized in MEDIATION from CPM/T, USJ, Institut Catholique de Paris, IFOMENE, Association des Médiateurs Européens, and a series of Academic Diplomas (5200 hours of training) in Social Work, Municipalities and local Governance, Rehabilitation for disabled persons, Non-Violence, Human Rights Education, Civic Education, Creativity, Capacity building, Dialogue, and Peace Building, Textual linguistics, Theatre in social and cultural animation, from Lebanese University, St. Joseph University, AUB (American University of Beirut) & L’Université de Genève.

Working experience in:
Cyprus, Egypt, France, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Romania, Sudan, Tunisia, Türkiye, United Arab Emirates

Based in:

Working language(s):
French, English, Arabic

Thematic areas of experience or interest:
Community participation, Economic and social development, Education, Environment, Ethics, Indigenous peoples, Migration, Peacebuilding, Urban areas, Youth