Needs assessment for reinforcing Ukraine's national capacities in strategy development for ICH safeguarding

  • Asistencia financiera:
    • 28.500 US$ otorgado en 2018
  • Fechas de implementación:
    • 29/05/2019 - 29/09/2019
  • Documentos:

Países beneficiarios: Ucrania


Implemented by the Ukrainian Center for Cultural Studies, the proposed project aims to carry out a needs assessment to reinforce Ukraine’s national capacities in strategy development for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage. This request reflects the current situation in Ukraine: while there is an extremely rich, diverse array of living heritage across the country, such practices face threats of disappearance and decreased vitality. Although some positive steps have been taken in recent years to maintain its vitality, there are still several weaknesses preventing the development of adequate safeguarding policies and measures. As such, this project is intended to: outline the major challenges encountered in the implementation of the 2003 Convention at the national level in light of the current political and economic situation; identify the main safeguarding needs for intangible cultural heritage; and propose practical recommendations for their improvement. The project is expected to raise public awareness about the role of intangible cultural heritage in social development, foster the efficient use of intangible cultural heritage safeguarding policies for social cohesion and peace policies and sustainable development strategies, and promote international recognition and cooperation. It is envisaged that the project activities will be carried out by an international expert, with the support of national experts.

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