Resolución de la Asamblea General: 4.GA 4

The General Assembly,

1.         Having examined document ITH/12/4.GA/4 Rev.2,

2.         Recalling Article 30 of the Convention,

3.         Takes note of the report of the Committee on its activities during the period June 2010 to June 2012 as presented in document ITH/12/4.GA/INF.4.1 and its report on the 2011 reports of States Parties on the implementation of the Convention and on the current status of all elements inscribed on the Representative List as presented in document ITH/12/4.GA/INF.4.2 and thanks the Committee for its effective work;

4.         Requests the Director-General to bring these reports to the attention of the General Conference of UNESCO, in conformity with Article 30, paragraph 2 of the Convention;

5.         Further takes note of the report of the Secretariat on its activities between June 2010 and June 2012 as presented in document ITH/12/4.GA/INF.4.3 and commends the Secretariat for its initiative to inform the General Assembly on the activities undertaken by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Section to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Committee and the General Assembly and the results obtained since the third session of the General Assembly.