Resolución de la Asamblea General: 4.GA 9

The General Assembly,

1.         Having examined document ITH/12/4.GA/9,

2.         Recalling Article 6 of the Convention,

3.         Further recalling its Resolutions 1.GA 3, 1.EXT.GA 3, 2.GA 9B and 3.GA 11 as well as Rule 13 of its Rules of Procedure,

4.         Decides not to establish an upper limit to the number of States Members of each electoral group for the purpose of the election of members of the Committee and, accordingly, not to amend Rule 13.2 of its Rules of Procedure;

5.         Further decides that, for the purpose of the election at its fourth session, the 24 seats of the Committee shall be distributed among electoral groups as follows: Group I, 3 seats; Group II, 4 seats; Group III, 5 seats; Group IV, 4 seats; Group V(a), 5 seats; Group V(b), 3 seats.