Decisión del Comité intergubernamental: 7.COM 13.B

The Committee,

  1. Having examined Document ITH/12/7.COM/13.b,
  2. Having heard the oral report of the chairperson of the open ended intergovernmental working group, Mr Francesco Tafuri, and looking forward to the availability of the summary records of the working group in early 2013,
  3. Recalling Decisions 6.COM 15,
  4. Thanks the Government of Japan for its supplementary voluntary contribution to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Fund that made possible the meeting of the working group and particularly the participation of 33 experts from developing countries;
  5. Further thanks the four experts who prepared discussion papers for stimulating the debate and the chairperson for guiding it to a productive end;
  6. Welcomes the opportunity to engage in reflection upon the core concepts and key terms of the Convention;
  7. Notes that the ‘right’ scale or scope of elements of intangible cultural heritage depends on the diverse contexts of the implementation of the 2003 Convention and its mechanisms at the national and international levels; and recommends that States Parties be attentive as to what scale is appropriate for what purposes;
  8. Invites States Parties to continue to reflect upon terminological and conceptual issues regarding intangible cultural heritage and its safeguarding, to continue their efforts to adapt the terminology of the Convention to the specific languages and national contexts in which it is being implemented, and to share information with others on the experience they have gained in so doing.