Bermuda connections: A cultural resource guide for classrooms

Falk, Lisa, et al.
Falk, L., et al. n.d. Bermuda Connections: A Cultural Resource Guide for Classrooms. Washington D.C., Smithsonian Institution.
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América Latina y el Caribe

The ‘Bermuda Connections’ guide contains a classroom handbook, a set of essays and supplemental lesson plans that enable teachers to integrate intangible cultural heritage into their classroom. The handbook presents nine different aspects of Bermudan intangible cultural heritage (ICH) with accompanying learning objectives, cross curricular links, lesson plans and targeted goals from the national social studies curriculum. It offers a practical guide for Bermudan educators to teach about ICH while also meeting broader educational goals related to social identity, global awareness, temporal change and research and interpersonal communication skills. Additionally, the kit and its development process (described within) can serve as a model for producing such guides elsewhere.