District’s boat on October 3rd, day of the St. Francis procession on the Atrato River (‘Balsadas’). Chirimía music and carnival groups gather on each of the 12 district’s boat, to ‘dance’ around the main boat where the Saint’s altar stands Véase mas sobre el elemento
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In line with the timetable and modalities of the reflection, the Secretariat of the 2003 Convention undertook the online survey between 26 March and 11 April 2021, with selected experts to seek their views on the main challenges identified so far on the listing mechanisms as well as on possible approaches for finding solutions.

When selecting a group of some 200 experts to participate in the survey, the Secretariat ensured the process was inclusive, through a call requesting that States Parties nominate suitable experts. Some of the participating experts were actively involved in drafting the text of the Convention and/or in subsequently preparing various versions of its Operational Directives. Others have direct experience with different aspects of intangible cultural heritage safeguarding under the 2003 Convention, such as drawing up inventories, preparing safeguarding plans or drafting nomination files for inscription on one of the Lists or the Register of the Convention. All experts that are either present or past members of one of the evaluation bodies responsible for evaluating nominations to the Lists of the Convention (the Subsidiary Body, the Consultative Body, or the Evaluation Body) were also invited to participate.

This survey is now closed but the questionnaire is available below:

A compilation of the survey responses is also available here:

A document summarizing the findings of the survey responses is part of the working documents of the online meeting of experts (7, 26 and 27 May): inglés|francés