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Na Píobarí Uilleann
The Society of Uilleann Pipers [en]
Na Píobarí Uilleann
15 Henrietta Street
Dublin 1
D01 N504
Tel.: +353 1 8730093

2019 (Informe de actividad: inglés)
Acreditado en 2014 (Pedido: inglés) - n° 90283
Reunión decisionaria: 5.GA - 2014

Fecha de creación: 1968

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts
- traditional craftsmanship

Medidas de salvaguardia:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Principales países de actividad:

Alemania, Australia, España, Francia, Irlanda, Nueva Zelandia, Países Bajos, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Suecia

he main object of Na Píobairí Uilleann shall be the promotion generally of Irish music and the music of the uilleann pipes in particular.
Towards that end the association may:
(i) Collect and preserve music for these pipes in any manner considered feasible by the Council;
(ii) Assemble materials and carry out research on the history of the pipes and pipers;
(iii) Issue from time to time a publication about piping and the affairs of the association;
(iv) Spread a knowledge of reedmaking and promote the making of pipes.
Teaching – NPU run classes, accessible to all, on a weekly basis in our premises in Dublin, and time-to-time in locations throughout Ireland. We support classes in other countries through the provision of teachers and other resources.
Publications – NPU has a vigorous publications programme, including print and audio-visual materials. Since our foundation in 1968 we have published fifteen books, twenty sound recordings and eleven videos/DVDs. These are all devoted to promoting the playing, making or maintenance of the uilleann pipes. Several new items are published each year.
Website – Our online resource website ( ) already includes over 20,000 items, including music scores, films of performances, technical information, lectures, tutorials, sound files and images, all aimed at fostering understanding of our instrument, and excellence in performance. New material is added on a weekly basis.
Technical training – We have set up a dedicated, fully-equipped pipemaking training centre (PipeCraft, based in Clonshaugh, Dublin), and we are about to start full-time, three-year training courses designed to produce qualified pipemakers.
Performance – We conduct regular recitals of the finest performers of Irish music and song, small-scale on a monthly basis, and an annual showcase concert.
Museum – NPU maintain a museum of classic sets of pipes at our premises.
Building resporation – NPU has successfully restored a mid-eighteenth century Georgian house as its headquarters.
NPU co-operates on a regular basis with the following groups:
* The Arts Council
* The Irish Traditional Music Archive (
* The Willie Clancy Summer School
* Brooks Academy (
* The Historical Harp Society of Ireland (
* Pavee Point Travellers Centre (