14 septiembre 2015 - 18 septiembre 2015


Implementation the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of ICH at the National level in Albania

14 septiembre 2015 - 18 septiembre 2015
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades

The organization of the workshop was timely in the context of the efforts that are paid by cultural institutions in Albania in the last two years to enhance the national capacity for ICH safeguarding, as well as in light of the needs assessment report of 2014. The latter made specific recommendations on organizing workshops and training activities on ICH related activities with the widest possible participation of people with different backgrounds and coming from different towns and institutions in Albania. This has been the first workshop of its kind in the country and the expectations invested in it were great. The workshop was supposed to fill a void in focused presentations and discussions on the major themes related to the implementation of 2003 Convention on a national level, and to facilitate the undertaking of organized activities in this regard. Despite the high sensitivity and interest in cultural heritage issues in the country, so far no special workshop has been held on these topics in the country and this explains the enthusiasm that it produced among the colleagues working in the sphere of culture. The call for participation that colleagues from the Ministry of Culture at the Republic of Albania distributed attracted more that 40 participants and at some point there were several late applications which had to be declined in order to maintain at least some interactivity during the sessions.