26 junio 1997 - 28 junio 1997


International consultation on the preservation of popular cultural spaces - declaration of the Oral Heritage of Mankind

26 junio 1997 - 28 junio 1997
Reunión de expertos

The international consultation of experts on the preservation of cultural spaces took place in Marrakesh, Morocco, from 26 to 28 June 1997. It was organized by UNESCO in cooperation with the Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO. This consultation was part of the follow-up to the Recommendation on the Safeguarding of Traditional and Popular Culture (UNESCO, 1989) and to the work of Moroccan and international experts on expressions of popular culture in Marrakesh.

The objective of the consultation was:

  1. to examine the interdisciplinary study conducted on Jamaa’el-Fna Square;
  2. to solicit the opinion of experts on the prospect of launching a program on “the oral heritage of humanity”;
  3. to propose appropriate procedures for the launching of such a program.


  • Agenda: inglés|francés
  • List of participants: inglés
  • The popular Arts of Marrakech: The Oral Tradition and Music in Jamaa- El-Fna, prepared under the auspices of the Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO: inglés|francés
  • Working Paper: A Proposed System to Honor “Cultural Spaces ” with Remarkable Intangible Heritage: inglés|francés
  • Intervention Sasson, Albert - Representative of the Director-General: francés
  • Intervention Gonçalves, Fernando Augusto: francés
  • Intervention Condominas, Georges: francés
  • Intervention Goytisolo, Juan: francés
  • Intervention Kouyate, Narmankoumba: francés
  • Intervention Lini, Walter: inglés
  • Intervention Mato, Daniel - Learning from Venezuelan cultural spaces: inglés
  • Intervention Mato, Daniel - Considerations for and suggestions of procedures for launching and implementation of a programme entitled “Declaration of the oral heritage of humanity”: inglés
  • Intervention Naheed, Kishwar: inglés
  • Intervention Jabre, Michel: francés
  • Recommendation: inglés|francés
  • Final report: inglés|francés