27 febrero 2020 - 1 marzo 2020


Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage in School-Based Education – Lessons Learnt from the UNESCO-EU Pilot Project

27 febrero 2020 - 1 marzo 2020
Países Bajos
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades

Implemented from January 2019 to July 2020, the UNESCO-EU project Engaging Youth for an Inclusive and Sustainable Europe proposes an innovative approach to education by inviting teachers and learners to explore their living heritage and learn not only about it, but also with and through it. Over the past few months, teachers and students from 10 selected UNESCO Associated Schools across the European Union have developed and implemented pilot projects in their own schools. Accompanied by UNESCO trained facilitators, each school team has conducted activities to identify the living heritage present in their school communities and to integrate it in lesson plans of subjects as diverse as mathematics, physics or languages, as well as in extra-curricular activities.

In this context, UNESCO, in close cooperation with the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO has brought together the ten ASPnet school teams to share their experiences, analyze the approaches used, and provide input for the development of the resource materials for teachers in Europe, to be produced by the end of the project.

The workshop was held from 27 February to 1 March 2020, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.