3 diciembre 2013 - 6 diciembre 2013


Formación sobre la utilización de los mecanismos de la Convención de 2003 para la Salvaguardia del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial en Timor-Leste

3 diciembre 2013 - 6 diciembre 2013
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades

From 3 to 6 December representatives from governmental and non-governmental institutions from Timor-Leste are meeting to receive intensive training on the nomination process, from preparation to evaluation and examination. These sessions are mainly practical and participative and will rely on mock nominations that participants will need to analyse and improve in accordance with the criteria set out in the Operational Directives for the implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Conducted by the UNESCO-trained facilitators, Rahul Goswami from India and Suzanne Ogge from Australia, this workshop on the preparation of nominations of intangible cultural heritage elements for inscription on the Urgent Safeguarding List and the Representative List will complement the training that Timor-Leste has already received on the implementation of the Convention at the national level and community-based inventorying.