2 noviembre 2011 - 3 noviembre 2011


Segundo taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades sobre la Convención para la salvaguardia del patrimonio cultural inmaterial: el papel de las comunidades en la salvaguardia y el inventario de PCI

2 noviembre 2011 - 3 noviembre 2011
Taller de fortalecimiento de capacidades


Second capacity-building workshop on the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: the role of communities in safeguarding and inventorying ICH
The workshop objectives are as follows:
1. Create awareness among the general public and local communities on the Convention, providing knowledge, tools and empowering them to take safeguarding measures for their own cultural expressions. Provide technical and practical knowledge regarding the interaction with and involvement of NGO’s, universities and the Government in the implementation of the Convention.
2. Generate a space for debate and exchange of experiences, good practices and challenges that can help national and local authorities make better decisions and take steps for implementing the Convention with the participation and consent of the communities involved.

UNESCO is rolling out a comprehensive strategy to contribute to a better understanding of the key concepts of the Convention, the obligations of States Parties and the Convention’s mechanisms of international cooperation and assistance. It is in this context that a national capacity-building workshop on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention is being organized in Santiago, Chile, on 2-3 of November, 2011.

The workshop will bring together local communities, national and local authorities, non-governmental organizations, academics from universities and research institutions, and the general public.

UNESCO trained facilitator and expert on ICH, Mrs. Soledad Mujica Bayly of Peru will conduct the workshop, in Spanish (there will be no interpretation services).