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Community based inventorying of intangible cultural heritage in the urban context of Old Tbilisi
10/18-12-2020Online (Georgia)

Education-related indicators in the Overall results framework (ORF) for the 2003 Convention and their relationship with SDG 4
01/08-12-2020Online (-)

Eighth annual meeting of category 2 centres active in the field of intangible cultural heritage
30-11-2020Online (-)

Information and exchange session 15.COM
23-11-2020Online (Francia)

Capacity-building workshop for journalists on the 2003 Convention
17/19-11-2020Bujumbura (Burundi)

Community-based inventorying on local and national level
16/23-11-2020Online (Ucrania)

Online Training of Trainers on Safeguarding of the Viability of Intangible Cultural Heritage Amidst Pandemic in the Context of Sustainable Development
09/13-11-2020Online (Filipinas)

Fourth meeting of the 15.COM Bureau
09/12-11-2020Electronic consultation (Francia)

UNESCO Quito - ResiliArt debate: Intangible cultural heritage of afro-descendant communities as a resilience resource during the COVID-19 crisis.
05-11-2020Reunión en línea (-)

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As a result of the deep effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the cultural sphere and on the living conditions of art and culture workers, UNESCO created the global ResiliArt movement, which promotes a series of virtual debates with various actors in the cultural sector, seeking to make visible the impacts of this crisis, its importance and the multiple resilience strategies that have arisen from the sector.

In order to address and reflect on the differential effects of the crisis impacts on diverse communities, the UNESCO Office in Quito is developing the series of ResiliArt debates titled “Resistance/Re-existence during the crisis”. This cycle aims at constituting a platform to make visible and strengthen the resilience strategies and cultural heritage of the communities that were most affected by the crisis in the Latin American context, focusing on the experiences of afro-descendant women who are community and cultural leaders.

Following the first debate, which took place on June 3, 2020, three ResiliArt debates were scheduled for October and early November, with the aim of continuing to reflect on the responses that afro-descendant women have implemented to address the effects of the crisis, through community organization focusing specifically on the role that culture and Intangible Cultural Heritage play in local recovery and resilience strategies.
These meetings seek to explore the links between education and cultural heritage through ethno-education and technical and vocational education and training (TVET), giving visibility to the strategies implemented by local educational systems in order to guarantee an inclusive, culturally relevant and quality education based on local socio-cultural contexts.

Afro-descendant women dedicated to the safeguarding of cultural heritage.
1. Escuela Canalón: Colombia
Marimba music and oral tradition school of the Colombian Pacific Coast.
2. Ana Felicien and Meyby Ugueto-Ponce: Venezuela
Afro-Venezuelan researchers, leading the project “Sabores de la Memoria Afro”, which aims to collect recipes and enhance food cultural heritage.
3. Wendy Pérez: Bolivia
National Afro-Bolivian Council (CONAFRO)

15H30 Quito/Bogota


For any further information, contact Ana Gonzalez Medina, Programme Specialist at the Quito Field Office:

Training on Community based inventorying and pilot inventorying exercise
04/05-11-2020Gaza (Palestina)

UNESCO Virtual Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage Nomination
02/05-11-2020Online (Bangladesh)

Re(ex)sistence in the face of the crisis: ethno-education, TVET and ICH of Afro-descendant communities in the context of the pandemic in Latin America
28-10-2020Online (Francia)

Training on Community based inventorying and pilot inventorying exercise
26/28-10-2020Gaza (Palestina)

Workshop on Community Based Inventorying
14-10-2020/14-11-2020Online training (Arabia Saudita)

8.ª reunión de la Asamblea General
08/10-09-2020París (Francia)

4th Training of trainers workshop for Central Asia
24/28-08-2020Online meeting (-)

Workshop on the preparation of nominations files and International Assistance requests in the framework of the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage’
16/26-08-2020Ramallah (Palestina)

ICH Webinar Series Session III to Focus on Regional Networks for the Teaching of Living Heritage in Higher Education
30-07-2020Reunión en línea (República de Corea)

Session II of ICH Webinar Series to Tackle the Teaching of Heritage Amidst the Pandemic
02-07-2020Reunión en línea (-)

14th annual meeting of the South-East European Expert Network on Intangible Cultural Heritage
26-06-2020Virtual meeting (-)

Workshop on Cooperation and International Assistance in the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage
22/23-06-2020Beirut (Líbano)

ICH Webinar Series : “Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage and the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Asia-Pacific Region”
18-06-2020Reunión en línea (-)

Capacity-building workshop for journalists on the 2003 Convention
17/19-06-2020Bujumbura (Burundi)

Workshop on Preparation of Nominations Files and International Assistance Requests
04/10-05-2020Ramallah (Palestina)

Integrating Intangible Cultural Heritage in School-Based Education – Lessons Learnt from the UNESCO-EU Pilot Project
27-02-2020/01-03-2020Róterdam (Países Bajos)

Workshop on preparing nominations to the Lists of the 2003 Convention
27/29-02-2020Beirut (Líbano)

Workshop on preparing requests for international assistance and nominations to the Lists of the 2003 Convention
23/27-02-2020Khartoum (Sudán)

Training Workshop on the Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding Measures and Project Management in Eastern Sudan States (Red Sea, Kassala and Gedaref states)
21-01-2020/23-02-2020Gedaref (Sudán)

Capacity-buliding workshop on community-based inventory of intangible cultural

heritage in Nhlangano
19/29-01-2020Nhlangano (Eswatini)

Workshop on the Implementation of the 2003 Convention on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage – in three East Sudan States (Red sea, Kassala, Gedaref)
19/20-01-2020Gedaref (Sudán)