A group of folk performers plays a traditional trampet (Amakondere), a royal performance believed to have its origins in the tory of Koogere
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28 de septiembre de 2022

An International Assistance (IA) project achieved encouraging results in the involvement of museums in the safeguarding of Ugandan living heritage.

It was implemented by key local institutions and coordinated by Uganda Communities Museums Association (UCOMA), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that was recently accredited.

This project was designed to give further visibility to the six Ugandan inscribed elements on the Lists of the 2003 Convention, by increasing the interactions between community museums’ managers and bearers of intangible cultural heritage (ICH). Indeed, according to testimonies shared by local actors, living heritage was absent from community museums, and the communities’ rich ICH was largely ignored, an obstacle to its safeguarding. This awareness-raising was deemed possible thanks to the resources mobilized as part of the IA mechanism.

The report shows that the initial objectives of the projects were fully achieved. Firstly, the capacities of community’s museums managers were strengthened, giving living heritage a more important place in museums’ displays and activities in collaboration with bearers and communities. Public engagement and outreach strategies were an important component of the trainings delivered, and events such as youth competitions, public screenings, conferences, and performances, took place. Communication materials and promotion strategies were also introduced to stakeholders, notably through social media platforms and press conferences.

The collaboration between the museums and the communities was successfully strengthened. Both community museum managers and ICH bearers were trained. A film and a booklet were produced thanks to the IA project, tackling the role of communities in the safeguarding of ICH and especially young people. As a result, more than 500 young people were mentored by museum managers and trained ICH bearers within the framework of this project.

Find out more about the safeguarding projects that have been granted International Assistance under the 2003 Convention, and materials produced by UNESCO to ensure that State Parties are supported in the elaboration of requests.

Read the brochure (inglés) produced as part of the project, and watch the video on YouTube.