Mr Abderrahman Ayoub

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Mr Abderrahman Ayoub is a researcher, member of the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia (INP), Assistant Director for intangible cultural heritage till 2012. He holds a PhD. in Linguistics and has been conducting research for many years on oral literature, ethnography and arts in Tunisia, and some countries of Maghreb and the Arab world. He is the author of many publications, especially on the Arab epic, the Banâ Hilâl feat, traditional games in Tunisia (he founded the thesaurus of heritage games) and intangible cultural heritage. He is author of the Guide for managers of Human Living Treasures (published by UNESCO Rabat Office, ISESCO and the IMRS, 2006-7) and the Guide of intangible cultural heritage (ISESCO, 2010-2011 s.p.). In 2009 he moderates training workshops in Sharja (United Arab Emirates) and Amman (Jordan) on the 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Algeria, Egypt, France, Gabon, Jordan, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States of America

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French, English, Arabic