11 février 2014 - 15 février 2014


Atelier pour la préparation de dossiers de candidature au Sri Lanka

11 février 2014 - 15 février 2014
Sri Lanka
Atelier de renforcement des capacités

The workshop on the ‘Elaboration of Nomination Files to the ICH List’ was organized in Galle, Sri Lanka from 11-15 February 2014, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Arts. Sajida Vandal and Rahul Goswami facilitated the 5-day workshop. The Secretary (Mr. Wasanth Ekanayake) and the Additional Secretary (Ms. Malkanti) of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, as well as Mr. Bebikram from the Government Agency of Galle (representing the Chief Secretary of Galle) graced the opening ceremony. In his opening remarks, the Secretary expressed strong interest on the inventorying and safeguarding of their ICH, in setting up a national inventory and the preparation and submission of nomination files to the ICH Lists. Moe Chiba, the culture programme officer of UNESCO New Delhi Office was present during the opening ceremony and paid a courtesy call on Mr. Daiji Sasai, the First Secretary of the Japanese Embassy in Colombo and who is responsible for Culture and Press. Moe Chiba expressed UNESCO’s gratitude for the generous contribution of the donor government of Japan for the implementation of the capacity building project in Sri Lanka, and briefed him regarding our project. Mr. Sasai explained that the Japanese Ambassador was out of Sri Lanka during the workshop period and that no one from the embassy was able to travel to Galle for the opening ceremony.